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2018 Demo Day Finalist Games

Every year, Girls Make Games runs 3 week long summer camps around the country. This year, 33 teams of girls between ages 8-17 learned how to design and program video games. Of those 33 teams, the top 5 made it out to Demo Day to pitch their games to a panel of industry judges.

This year's winner: Team Sarcastic Shark Clouds with their game, Shredded Secrets! Please see game descriptions, trailer, team members and game prototypes below!

Sarcastic Shark Clouds

Shredded Secrets Trailer

Sarcastic Shark Clouds from Seattle, WA
Team Members: Keira M., Gracie C., Isadora T., Crystal N.
Demo Day Award: Best Narrative, Grand Prize
Download and play the game!

Shredded Secrets is an emotional journey through four characters and their experiences with school and life. This game shows how people from different backgrounds can overcome adversity together.

Shredded Secrets will be Kickstarted and published by GMG!

The Mystery Squirrels

Detective Blobfish Trailer

The Mystery Squirrels from Mountain View, CA
Team Members: Olivia M., Ysidana C., Kaiya C., Athena H. Demo Day Award: Most Fun, presented by Shawn Layden, Chairman WWS, PlayStation
Download and play the game!

A murder has struck and you, Detective Blobfish, must find the murderer! Explore a beach town to find the murderer from three suspects.


Luka Trailer

Team ARKS from San Mateo, CA
Team Members: Ari B., Reva S., Ky H., Sam T.
Demo Day Award: Most Original, presented by Connie Booth, VP Product Development, WWS, PlayStation
Download and play the game!

Luka is a horror game about a mother's quest to find her son. The protagonist, Mira wakes up in a hospital with almost complete amnesia. She rummages the hospital looking for clues. She is haunted frequently by a ghost demon child named Luka, who is Mira's son in another dimension.

Team Valtameri


Team Valtameri from San Francisco, CA
Team Members: Avalon B., Leah R., Jack K., Maeve R.
Demo Day Award: Most Artistic, presented by Devon Pritchard, EVP Business Affairs, Nintendo of America
Download and play the game!

Kaiyo is an educational game about the ocean! It emphasizes how pollution in the ocean is a really big crisis that we have to start fixing as soon as possible in order to save wildlife.

Clementine Crew

The Return

Clementine Crew from Mountain View, CA
Team Members: Alexandra M., Autumn C., Miranda J., Valerie M.
Demo Day Award: Best Game Design, presented by Phil Spencer EVP Gaming at Microsoft
Download and play the game!

You are a fairy named Averi. After waking up in a forest, you have to escape by solving a series of unique (and chill) puzzles and find your way to your home village.