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  1. Intro to Game Design: students learn gameplay models, mechanics, and terminology.
  2. Intro to Game Art: students create characters & backgrounds, and learn animation.
  3. Intro to Programming: students learn fundamentals, visual/script code, and logic.


  1. Discussions and presentations with games and tech industry professionals
  2. Hands-on Activities:
    • i. Audio Engineering
    • ii. 2D Art and Animation
    • iii. Board Game Design
  3. Field Trip Friday hosted at local games studio/tech company


  1. Camp Duration: 3 weeks (15 days, Mon-Fri only)
  2. Age Groups: 8-11 and 12-17
  3. Hours: 10am-4pm
    Early Drop Off (8:30am) and Late Pick Up (5:30pm) available upon request.
  4. Computer/Programming Literacy: Our curriculum is designed around team work, and we group students based on skill level. Beginners and advanced coders are both welcome!
  5. Class Size: We average 25-30 students per class.
  6. Structure: We are a day camp and do not provide any boarding (just yet!).