Girls Make Games @Thomson Reuters, Toronto!

Curriculum Overview

Hello! We're so thrilled to bring Girls Make Games to Toronto, Canada, in partnership with Thomson Reuters! At this 1 day workshop session, participants will learn about the process of video game development, which includes game design and programming.

GMG's workshops are designed to be accessible to girls of all coding levels, with two sessions (ages 8-11 and ages 12-16). We work with a visual programming game dev tool called Stencyl, available for free at

Participants also earn ‘gold’ throughout the workshop that can be used to purchase fun goodies like posters, pins, and stickers at the GMG store onsite!

This workshop is designed to instill a love and excitement for game-making as well as creative expression through writing, art, game design, and of course, programming. Participants will create a 2d platformer game - think Super Mario Bros. The creation process will cover game-design concepts such as: player character, enemies, goals, levels, obstacles , and so forth. In addition, participants will learn to program and manipulate code.

Our staff comprises of professional game developers, i.e., people who make games for a living, as well as students from some of the top Computer Science and Games universities like MIT, Waterloo, and Stanford.

Teaching Materials

Hardware (provided by Thomson Reuters): PC/Mac Laptops
Software: Stencyl

Workshop Details:

  • Date: Age group 8-11: Saturday, January 27, 2018 [Session Full]
  • Date: Age group 12-16: Sunday, January 28, 2018
  • Note: Siblings in both age groups may register for either session together
  • Hours: 9am-2pm
  • Location:
    Thomson Reuters
    333 Bay Street
    Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R2
    +1 416 687 7500

  • Tuition: Free! Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

To register, complete the form embedded below or found HERE