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Ready to get started?
Make sure you've got GMG Game Assets + Stencyl downloaded, installed and ready to go: GMG Game Assets


Let's dive in!

Part 1: Setting Up

This video covers setting up the initial game, adding a background and importing tilesets to create levels with.

Part 2: Building a Level

Create a level using your newly imported tilesets + add a character and all its animation frames one at a time.

Part 3: Movement and Physics

Now you can make your newly created character jump and run!

Part 4: Camera Follow + Add Enemy

Things are getting more interesting! Learn how to make the game camera to follow your character around the screen.

Part 5: Die and Reload Level

Infinite Lives! In this video you'll add more behaviors to your characters, for example, dying or reloading when you hit an enemy.

Part 6: Collision Boxes + Music + Coins!

There's so much going on in this video aaaa :D

Part 7: Sound Effects + Code Blocks

So far we've only used pre-made behaviors in Stencyl. This video introduces Design Mode, which should look familiar to all you Scratch coders out there. More ways to make your game awesome!

Part 8: Finishing Touches

Yay! You're a Game Developer now! Come make more games with us at summer camp :D